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9Slides – Better Than a Screencapture!

What is 9Slides?

Well, here’s what it says on their website:

“9SLIDES is a powerful communication tool, which allows users to capture and share experience of “being there” in the presentation room with a remote audience, anytime, anywhere. Your audience can watch it on a PC, Mac or even iPad without downloading any app.”


As someone who has worked with and trained remote teams over the years, I can only say that this tool is a gift from the heavens. 9Slides is a presentation tool where you have a video on one side and a slide viewer on the other. They call them talks because I think the primary use is to record speakers on, well, talks. Your files will be hosted online and accessible through any gadgets.

I would like to give kudos to Andre Wyatt for the super easy interface. He’s their in-house User Experience (UX) guru, according to their website. You did a good job, sir! The platform is as easy to use as possible. All the icons are universal. The design and layout look really great.

I’d like to give two different points of view. One as an audience and the other as the uploader.


Access anywhere – This tool allows you to access the talks anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You will no longer feel deprived of knowledge by missing meetings.

No more quick and coded notes – I’ve gone to seminars and not take notes. Sometimes, the topic or speaker goes too fast. Sometimes, my mind goes wandering off.

Front row seats – Yep. I’ve sat in the back. With my poor eyesight and general poor quality of sound systems, I wonder why I even attend those things.

Multiple devices – Some people do not shut down their laptops. I do. Then I go online on my phone. 9Slides does not require any software and runs on any hardware. Very convenient, if you ask me.

Overall, I think the best benefit is that you can watch and re-watch talks at your own pace. That is key for me. I feel more comfortable knowing that it’s just there and there’s no pressure to learn everything at once.

Presenter / Uploader

No more repetition – One problem with having a lot of employees is training new ones. I found it difficult to take myself seriously when I gave scripted speeches or went through a list of questions. 9Slides solves this problem for me. Just send new hires a link and wait forĀ  feedback.

Better than screencaptures – okay. Another way to do the training is to prepare a presentation by capturing your screen on video. Software companies usually create how-to videos to teach new users. But not all processes can be shown that way.

Continuous improvement – I’m a very bad speaker. I end up rambling and spewing incoherent and off topic nonsense. Plus, about 100 fillers per 100 words. Double the fun! Converting my presentations into talks allows me to make multiple takes. I can edit and modify the final product before sending it out for the world to see. Hey, writers are allowed to make multiple drafts, right? The same thing applies here.

Analysis – Test, refine, and test some more, I say. You can create different versions of your 9Slides and check which works better. Edit the slides, modify the video, and [heck] even change your voice. They have a built in analytics tool that gives you data. They’re easy enough to understand and take advantage of.



As mentioned above, 9Slides is ideal for training. It can be general training, organizational training, or the rare in my country because we only have two seasons training of seasonal employees.

The tool is also an exceptional online marketing platform. We have video bloggers and slide sharers, now we also have 9Sliders (you heard it here first! ;) ) which is a combination of both!

Sales people will also have great use for this. No more lost USB drives or corrupted files. Just go online and press play! I guess this is just not for sales. I’ve presented to higher-ups before and this would have been a great option.

On the website, it said 9Slides can also be used classrooms. My sister was required to buy an iPad for school so I guess it’s the norm now. Well, this is perfect for giving lectures, too. You have the teacher on one side, and a pseudo-blackboard on the other.

The creators may have thought of that in advance. They’ve released iPad apps and Windows 8 apps. Go check them out.


Prices are divided into 3 levels sections – individuals and groups.

Individual pricing are again spread out into 3 levels depending on the features you want. The cheapest is $6 per month. It allows you to create 3 talks per month and the ability to set passwords. The most expensive is at $299. This level allows for unlimited talks and custom branding.

The fees for groups are not posted. Frankly, I’m not even sure how that’s categorized. Can’t you just pay the $299 and make as many as you like. My guess is that it has to do with the number of users. (If you know, please post a comment below. TIA!)

They give a 30-day FREE trial version which I’m subscribed to right now. They also offer a 17% discount if you pay annually.


9Slides is a must have for today’s modern business practices. It’s a great tool and it’s cheap enough. Two thumbs up!!

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