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Benchmark: Guns

My first gun was an Imperial Defense Ranger 1911. It’s a British-made single-stack .45. It had on a blue finish and rust quickly set in. I panicked and wanted to have it chromed. But to do that, I needed to buy other parts as well. So, being excited with my new toy, I caved in, took it to true weight and spent a lot of money on it. I was happy with how it ended up. They gave it to me still in satin finish even though I paid for polished chrome. Other than that, it was magnificent. I’ll see if I can find pictures of it. In the end, I hated that it was a cheap gun even though I spent about 60k on making it look good. I sold it for 20,000 and never looked back.

My current one is an Armscor 1911 FS PS in .40 caliber. FS PS means Full size and Practical series. It looks okay. The gun store included a somewhat chromed frame. They were supposed to also include a stabilizer rod but they didn’t and I didn’t push it. It has a bull barrel, a novak-like rear sight and a fixed front sight, nice looking combat trigger and hammer, a beavertail, and ambidextrous thumb safety. I am very satisfied with it. But I vowed not to spend any money on aesthetics. That can wait when I get a new gun. I might spend on two more magazines. Let’s see.

I named him Sarge because he looks like a policeman’s gun. HA HA peace!

My permit to carry expired last March 23, 2012. For now, Sarge stays at home. I’m hesitating on renewing because next year is an election year. I don’t want to shell out any money and then have my permit revoked because of a nationwide total gun ban.

To renew or not?

Check out my Guns category for more gun blog posts.


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4 Responses to “Benchmark: Guns”

  1. Mar 22 November 2012 at 6:13 am Permalink

    so did you renew your PTCFOR?
    the 2013 elections is fast approaching and Gun Ban Starts January 13 2013 so PTCFOR has no use anymore

    • AATAdmin 22 November 2012 at 11:56 am Permalink

      Hey Manong Blogger! Nice blog, po. :)

      I didn’t renew. I don’t know what happened. It feels like the months flew by so fast.

      Are you going to the gun show next week?

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