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Shaping the Future Forum by Accenture


About 1 week ago, I decided to reactivate my Jobstreet profile. The day after that, I received an email inviting me to an open forum hosted by Accenture. It was for the Manila leg of the 2013 Shaping the Future Forum. I quickly replied my confirmation. It was held at the Isla Ballroom of EDSA Shangri-la last Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

I had a fear that it was going to just be a marketing ploy. This was further fueled by someone working for Accenture who said he has attended a similar event and they just talked about the company all night long. Worse, they make you offers on how the company can help your company. I’ve decided to still go. I’m glad I did. We were both wrong.

Registration and Circus

So I came in and registered. It was very organized. They divided the attendees by initials of the surname and had several booths. I arrived early so there was really no line. But I imagine there would be no problem with regards to that. They gave me a name badge and an ID lace.

Then came the circus. You get a chance to win free stuff. What do you have to do? The first is a virtual reality game. There was only one machine and people queued up to participate. It looked fun but IT peeps are usually shy so the players looked like logs with limbs. haha :)

The second part was referring people. You have to give them name and contact details of 3 people from the IT industry. That’s a good recruiting tactic if you ask me. Lastly, you have to follow them on social media. They gave out the URLs of their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

And I, of course, didn’t participate in any of those. I sat in the corner and waited for the buffet to be open. And when it did, I was the first in line. I was hungry, man! Don’t judge me!

First Part – All about Accenture

The first speaker was Annbel “Ambe” Tierro. She is the head of the technology side of Accenture. As the forum was attended by IT peeps, it was apt that she spoke. Good choice all around. She introduced the company to the crowd. And she was good. I would have submitted my application right there and then! Haha. At the time, I didn’t know that I’d be out of a job by the time I’m writing this. Hindsight really is 20/20.

But yeah, she made working at Accenture sound awesome. If I don’t have this big fear of working in huge corporations, I may consider them.

Second Part – The Future of Web

By this time, I was already thinking about leaving. I’m glad I stayed. The second speaker was a Dr. Abel Sanchez. He is from MIT and looks credible. He is a smooth-talker for a nerd. I guess speakers come in all forms as well. The audience was captivated by his every word.

The presentation started with a little history and on to what’s happening right now. What intrigued me was the prospects for the future. But I must admit, computing for PC specs popped out more than a couple of times. I mean, can my laptop really handle all those processing? I’m going to need a better machine! Good thing I’m not in that field.

What caught my attention was on how future apps will be developed. Going full C++ on the browsers, really? For me, HTML was invented so we don’t have to. Then again, I don’t make websites. Maybe I’ll sing a different tune if I have to write a million and a half lines of javascript.

Another area I wanted to look into is how big data needs to be updated in real-time. Maybe I can go back to the business analytics niche after all. Just kidding. But the guy said data centers cost 1 billion dollars to put up and costs as much to maintain. He had a company come in and they cut down their data from needing 12 of those into needing only 7. Does that mean they saved that company $5B?? Mind boggling!! I wonder how much they charged. :)

Freebies / Giveaways

What kind of event doesn’t give away stuff nowadays? Boring, empty events, that’s what. In between the two speakers, they took 3 people from the audience for a chance to win an iPhone 4S. They battled each other using the virtual reality game mentioned earlier. At the end, they gave away a Samsung Galaxy s4, a tv/tablet thing, and an iPhone 5. It was raffled off. I was secretly hoping to be drawn. No dice.

Before exiting, all attendees were given loot bags. It was a knapsack with a notebook and pen inside. It was cool. Better than leaving empty handed.


Again, I’m really glad I went. All my apprehension about it being a waste of time were debunked. Maybe next time, I’ll even try to talk to people. Network and stuff. I hope I get invited to next year’s Shaping the Future Forum. (hint hint).

Getting a free dinner was the best part for me. The worst? It was having to pay P280 pesos. I was there for a little over 4 hours. Parking fee was P100 for the first 3 hours plus P90 for every hour after. It felt like I paid for my own dinner. And it was still worth it. :)

I’m also glad that I have an IT-related post now. Who knew? I thought I was done with this field.

So, what do you think? Share your thoughts at the comments below. Have a question? You can ask there too. Or you can check out my other IT blog posts. ;)

Visit the website of Accenture Philippines by clicking on the logo -> Shaping the Future Forum 2013 by Accenture

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